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Limited Warranty

The DSA Precisioninc warranty fully explains how DSA Precisioninc supports its products with the strongest warranty protection available. Please read the warranty carefully. It lists the specific DSA Precisioninc products that are covered and the period of time for which they are covered.

Take the time to understand how DSA Precisioninc protects your purchase by standing behind our products.

Protect Your Investment

All of DSA Precisioninc products are covered by standard SureStart protection for a specific period. Under this warranty feature, DSA Precisioninc, at no charge, will repair or replace, at its option, any shingles proven to be defective during the applicable SureStart period.

DSA Precisionincalso offers, the strongest extended warranty coverage in the industry, which extends the coverage and duration of the standard SureStart protection when a credentialed contractor installs a Roof. Protect your investment and your home – demand The Integrity Roof System, demand a credentialed contractor.

Select the product name from the list below to view the warranty information available for each product.





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